Zack Lloyd's Top 10 Albums of 2013

10. Polar Bear Club – Death Chorus
Being a huge fan of Jimmy’s vocals, I was extremely nervous for this release after I noticed he was singing differently live. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed his new vocal style. Death Chorus has actually grown to be my favourite PBC release, and I think his vocals are better than ever.

9. Citizen – Youth

Citizen has grown a lot in the past two years. I remember coming across their split with The Fragile Season and being extremely excited for Young States to drop. Youth felt like they had finally found their comfort zone, and it’s safe to say that Citizen is only going to continue to grow and progress in the future.

8. Stickup Kid – Future Fire

Unique is the best word to describe this record. Stickup Kid just went ahead and did what they wanted on this record. Not one song sounds the same and every chorus gets drilled into your brain. Future Fire really showcased the band at their most creative state.

7. Touché Amoré – Is Survived By

Some of my favourite lyrics of the year were present on this record. Touché Amoré never fails to make some of the most relatable music. Is Survived By felt a lot more thought out than any of the band’s prior work and it’s easily the best Touché Amoré record to date.

6. Defeater – Letters Home

It’s Defeater. Will they ever make a bad record? Letters Home wasn’t too different sonically, but that’s completely okay. I think the record was a lot more hard-hitting than the previous, as the vocals were a lot more in-your-face on this one.

5. Grandview – Everything Between Paint and a Wall

This record just recently came out, so I’m sure it would be higher if it had came out earlier in the year. I’ve only been listening to it for about a week now and it’s incredible. One of the best debut LPs I’ve ever heard. This band is young and EXTREMELY talented.

4. Incendiary – The Cost of Living

I love every second of this record. It’s angry, fast, aggressive and fresh. I’m a very picky person when it comes to hardcore and, with The Cost of Living, I can say that Incendiary is my favourite current hardcore band. Everything about this record is enjoyable.

3. Better Off – (I Think) I’m Leaving

This is probably the most shocking record of 2013. There’s no gimmick or attempt to fit into a certain mold with Better Off; it’s just good, heartfelt tunes. The record filled me with a lot of nostalgia as if I was listening to old Taking Back Sunday or Jimmy Eat World. Look out for this band in 2014.

2. Balance and Composure – The Things We Think We’re Missing

Separation was a huge record for me. I’ll admit that I doubted that Balance and Composure could top it, but I was pleasantly surprised with The Things We Think We’re Missing. Sonically and lyrically, it’s way above Separation, in my opinion.

1. Have Mercy – The Earth Pushed Back

This is easily the most creative record of 2013. It would be impossible to even categorize Have Mercy into a genre. They have their own sound and are full of passion. The Earth Pushed Back is one of those timeless records.

Honourable Mention

Sainthood Reps – Headswell
Counterparts – The Difference Between Hell and Home
Ivy League – Transparency
Turnover – Magnolia
Daylight – Jar

By Zack Lloyd ~ Me Gusta Reviews