Trophies – Room To Grow EP (2012)


A few months ago, I was searching for new pop punk bands on YouTube when I stumbled across “What You Want To Be” by Trophies. After several pages of finding nothing but mediocre results, I finally came across something that sounded great. However, Trophies fell under the radar until I saw that they released their EP entitled Room To Grow on May 26th.

Room To Grow opens with a track which is fittingly titled “Intro”. Instrumentally, it is nothing eye-opening, but it has some really good lyrics like “This is for everyone who has stood by us, and more importantly, cast us aside. Without you we would be nothing. We would never try to push ourselves.”

Following “Intro” is a song that is much more impressive instrumentally, and again, features some very good lyrics. My personal favourite lyric of the second track “Maurkice Bouncey” is “I’m thinking back to all those times that I needed you the most, but you weren’t there for me. Your loyalty is something like a ghost” which is heard near the beginning of the song. This is also my favourite lyric on the EP. Over the course of the remainder of the EP, you will hear plenty of catchy verses and choruses, most of which also feature very catchy guitar riffs. While the guitarists impressed me on the entire EP, there are two tracks that stand out instrumentally. They are titled “Edgewood Acres” and “What You Want To Be”. Both of these tracks have upbeat pop punk riffing and melodic hardcore style guitar leads.

I really like what this five piece pop punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has done on their Room To Grow EP. Everything from the riffs and leads to the drumming to the catchy vocals – both lead and backing – is well above average. Quite honestly, there is not much room for Trophies to grow as what they’re putting out now is already exceptional.