Invent, Animate – Waves EP (2012)


Invent, Animate is a metalcore band from Texas who, as of today, are still unsigned. Their debut EP “Waves” is available now, and impressed the hell out of me.

The album starts off with Hieroglyphics, which starts off brutal and keeps the pedal to the metal throughout the entire song. Two minutes into the song, they throw an incredibly catchy breakdown. With the lead guitar doing impressive sweeping over top of the breakdown, it caught my attention immediately.

Next is Captive, which continues the trend of heaviness, but is the least interesting song on the EP, at least for its first half. This is the first song on the EP where we hear clean vocals, and they match particularly well with the song. They aren’t overused, and add a good element before another behemoth of a breakdown.

Atmosphere starts with catchy guitar and good screams. The cleans in this song seem mildly out of place, and a badly placed fade-in almost ruins this song. If it weren’t for the mosh-inducing breakdown at the end, this would be the weakest song on the EP (interlude not included).

The fourth track, Spineless, starts with brutal vocals and fast paced drumming. This continues, with good guitar riffs and drumming throughout the rest of the song to keep things interesting.

Abyss is the interlude song, and is a waste of time and space, as most intermission songs are. This kind of a song on an EP seems useless, and I won’t ever know the reason that bands continue to put these unpopular, minute long lapses into their releases.

The EP ends with Waves, the title track of the EP. This is a great ending track, with bouncy breakdowns throughout and flawless transitions. The use of synth adds a great element to the middle breakdown, which leads into a soft patch of music that is transitioned into and out of quite well. It could end with a bigger punch, but overall a really good last song.

The “Waves” EP came out of nowhere and knocked my socks clean off. Without a real bad song (besides intermissions, which I barely count as songs), this EP kept my attention throughout, and makes me itch for future releases from Invent, Animate.