The Divided – For Tonight We're Strangers EP (2012)

the2bdivided-7503919 Despite having some of the gloomiest and dreary weather, England has managed to produce a slew of extremely talented acts over the years and this next band is no exception. Although England has put out many different bands ranging from many different genres, today’s band is neither heavy, nor soft, but a perfect mix of both styles.

Your next favorite band, also known as The Divided has released their six-song EP entitled For Tonight We’re Strangers; and being no stranger to a good mix of melodic hardcore and metalcore, I knew I had to pick this release up and I’m really glad that I did. The Divided definitely knows how to keep it melodic, but heavy enough to enhance every aspect of the band just a little more.

This currently four-piece band (having just lost their drummer) from South East, England has kept me waiting for several months for this EP after I first heard a demo version of “Hopes and Dreams” which was remastered and is also on the EP. After hearing that song, which I personally believe is their strongest on the entire EP, I just knew I had to give these guys some well deserved recognition with this review. This band heavily reminds me of Misery Signals, Counterparts, and Hundredth all mixed into one. Oddly enough, Karl Schubach of Misery Signals is featured on the EP’s final and title track “For Tonight We’re Strangers”. You can really hear how much Misery Signals have been an inspiration for The Divided. There’s not much more for me to say other than you need to check this album out for yourselves if some heavy melodic tunes is what tickle your fancy. Having just under 4,000 likes on Facebook, it’s not hard to tell these guys aren’t well known, but they’ve definitely got the talent (in my mind) to make it pretty big in not only England but also with us overseas in North America. I’d also say if you’re anywhere near them in England and you’re a talented drummer or know someone who is, be sure to hit them up and show them what you’ve got because I’d love to see these guys stick together and create more music. threeandhalf-8175572
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