Weekend Nachos – Still (2013)


Nothing is more punk than not caring about anything while simultaneously hating everything in the known universe. This next group of guys does it so nonchalantly that it’s hard to tell if it’s all just a shtick or if it’s actually who they are as people. Maybe we’ll never know. This is Weekend Nachos.

This powerviolence, grind and hardcore-infused four-piece band hails from Chicago, IL., and, since its birth, has managed to become one of the true purveyors of hate-filled hardcore. With past releases Unforgivable and Worthless being held on such a high pedestal, it was on for the men of Nachos to create another album that could be just as great – if not better.

Still starts off with no bull and gets right into it with “Sickened No More.” It’s almost immediately clear that the production value of Still is better than any of the band’s past releases, yet still has that crusty and dark feel that Nachos has been known for. Three tracks in and there’s no lack of chants or the spastic nature of all the songs. Nachos doesn’t hold back at all with tracks like “S.C.A.B.” and “You’re Not Punk,” showing us that you’re never too old to hate everything and everyone and act just as dark and obscene as ever.

Back to Still itself, I found the vocals and instrumentals to be way more on point and consistent than they were on Unforgivable and Worthless. More often than not, the vocals were too iffy and the consistency just wasn’t there at all on the older material. On the new album, it’s apparent that the band wanted to stick with straight grind, crust, breakdowns and dark guitar riffs. There’s really not much else to say about Still because it’s just so straightforward and in your face. I personally think it’s one of Nachos’ strongest releases purely based on the production and consistency from the beginning until the end. There wasn’t one moment where you couldn’t bang your head and there were plenty of two-stepping moments to get that mosh crazy urge out of you. Some standout tracks include “Sickened No More,” “S.C.A.B.,” “Watch You Suffer” and “You’re Not Punk.” If you’re into any sort of grindcore or hardcore, don’t sleep on this release – or Weekend Nachos in general.