Blistered – Soul Erosion EP (2014)


Blistered is a hardcore band out of Tampa, FL., that has been a non-stop force with their style of metallic hardcore since forming in the summer of 2012. After self releasing its first EP, Reject Their Shame, the band was quickly picked up by 6131 Records and are now set to release a new EP entitled Soul Erosion. The EP opens with lead single “Rusted” with the opening line “I’ll wipe my mind of the memories / I will destroy your legacy.” This is a very fast and hard hitting track to open with, and it sets the stage of how insane the rest of this record is. The second track, “Life Does Not Satisfy,” opens with a low bass line and immediately builds up, blowing up into a great riff, and then builds up again and explodes with vocals and a few awesome breakdowns that had me bobbing my head along while simply just listening to it – which doesn’t happen very often. The third track, “Retribution,” doesn’t take too long getting to the point; it’s a fast one at only a minute and 45 seconds. With a few short breakdowns and a few extremely short verses, the song closes out with vocalist Lennon Livesay yelling out, “I’ll watch you fucking burn.” The fourth track, and my personal favourite off this record, “Coldest Blood,” is a banger from the start. The instrumentals on this song are my favourite of the entire record and everything about this song is incredible. Towards the end, there’s a break in which Livesay starts speaking and says, “Slash my wrists to drain myself of the blood that bonds us / I choose death over a life shackled to your name.” The final track, “Soul Erosion,” is easily my second favourite off this record. It’s an explosive barrage through the entire song with amazing riffs and breakdowns that had me losing my mind. This track was the best way to close out this EP. Blistered, a great addition to 6131 Records, is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the hardcore world within the next few years. I’m very excited to see what this band has in store for a full length and touring in the near future.