Troubled Coast – Awake And Empty (2012)

East Bay, California’s Troubled Coast debut Pure Noise Records full length release is definitely going to spark some attention in the melodic hardcore world. The previous Pure Noise release I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You was just a tiny preview of what this six piece had to offer. Awake and Empty is a beautiful arrangement of passion and aggression.

The opening track of the album, “Brother”, gains your attention immediately with its roaring drums and simple, yet effective guitar riff. Later in the song the rest of the instruments join in on this soothing, yet aggressive symphony. As far as the vocals go, the passion is clear and present. Next up is “Winter”, the first song released off of this ten track album. This track definitely seems to be a more melodic and catchy side of Troubled Coast. That being said, the song definitely still has the aggressiveness of the prior track.

The following two tracks, “Confidence” and “1967” keep the pace steady, but at the same time change it up a bit. “Confidence” gives off a grungy feel, while “1967” provides what almost feels like an alt rock sound with its chorus. “Northwest”, “Missoula / Big Sur”, and “Twenty” provide the listener with proof that Troubled Coast can pull off many different vocal styles. The eighth song, “Sister”, brings the listener back to the heavier side of the band’s sound. The guitars in this track specifically give off a certain aggressiveness that was made familiar in the first two tracks.

The closing tracks, “Signals” and “Lonely States” definitely blend every sound from the entire album into two songs. Troubled Coast could not have chosen a better way to end Awake and Empty. Some of the main things that stand out on this full length are the huge guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and the amazing production. Sam Pura at The Panda Studios definitely did a great job with this album. If you liked any of Troubled Coast’s prior releases you will definitely enjoy Awake and Empty. On the other hand, if you’ve never heard of them and enjoy bands like Balance & Composure and Touché Amoré, or just enjoy amazing musicianship in general you should absolutely look into Troubled Coast’s latest effort.


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By Zack Lloyd ~ Me Gusta Reviews