Signal The Firing Squad – Abnegate (2012)

With the Summer heat in full force I found it only appropriate that we bring you a band’s new full-length album that also brings something else to you in full force. What is that thing you may be asking? Well ladies and gentlemen, throw another shrimp on the barbeque because we’ve got Signal The Firing Squad’s new album Abnegate for you, and it’s delivering full force on the heavy! With a demo and one previous release under their belt, it’s amazing that Signal The Firing Squad has been able to accomplish so much in such a short time seeing as they only started back in 2007. Hailing from the sunshine coast of Australia, this four-piece deathcore/death metal band has been able to grasp hold of fans from numerous different countries and continents all around the world in only five years. They’ve done what most bands have failed to do in twice the amount of time.

The band’s full-length release Abnegate clocks in at forty minutes of sheer brutality. I’ve heard some heavy acts come out of Australia, but these guys are a force to be reckoned with. They don’t waste any time, starting the album off with the title track and instantly delivering crushing lows and incredibly technical guitar work. If you’ve been a fan of deathcore for quite some time you’ll find yourself hearing some familiar voices thrown your way by Alex Erian, formerly of Despised Icon; now Obey The Brave as well as Daniel Sharp of also Australian deathcore act, Boris The Blade.

However, if you want to hear some of the heaviest tracks on the album right off the bat, I without a doubt recommend that you check out “Human:Redefined” and “Inearthed”. These two tracks release the angriest and in your face vocals of vocalist Nathan H. Those two tracks alone are enough to make me recommend this album to any lover of angry deathcore. My only real complaints about the album are that a couple songs on the album just seem to drag on for too long and could have been shortened without any repercussions to the albums overall sound. Also, the first 30 seconds of the final track “Synapse Failure” seemed incredibly pointless and more than anything, annoying.

Besides those two minor flaws, the rest of the album is utter perfection in my eyes. These guys have proved themselves in not only my eyes, but the rest of the heavy Deathcore scene in such a short time that they certainly deserve props for that. They’ve created some very fine technical and brutal tunes and shared them with everyone else. I have no doubt in my mind that if they continue on the path they’re on, they’ll be playing to packed shows all around North America and Europe within the next couple of years for sure. Be sure to pick up “Abnegate” on iTunes or in select stores if you’re in Australia!

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By Unknown ~ Me Gusta Reviews