Tiger Lily – Things I Wish I'd Said EP (2013)

What do you get when you mix harsh, biting vocals with soft, beautiful melodies? The result is Tiger Lily, a hybrid of these two clashing properties that creates a fantastic collective sound. The entire sound of the band is right there in the very name. This four piece band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is ready to release their brand new three track EP titled Things I Wish I’d Said on January 12th.

Opening with the classic cymbal hits, the first track titled “Down and Out” immediately throws you on the Tiger Lily tidal wave. The first thing that is obvious is that the guitarists work together to lay down some mesmerizing riffs. Then, the vocals kick in and the best thing I can compare them to is Misser. The vocalist does a surreal job of belting out choruses that are bound to follow you to your dreams and leave your ears ringing. Around the two minute mark, a new set of vocals kicks in and surprised me. These vocals are much more higher pitched than the normal vocals but do a far better than average job complimenting the music. 

“Sinking”, the second track, begins with a guitar riff that is sure to pull you underwater like a cement block. As you are sinking under the calming waves, the vocals kick in and provide the strength to break the binds of the rope. When the vocalist yells “Tell me what you want/Tell me what I’m not/Say it for the last time tonight,” you finally surface with an adrenaline rush and desire to take on the world.

The final track, “Things I Wish I’d Said”, delivers a memorable end to this brief release. The drumming at the start of this song has me looking for the closest desk to tap along to the beat on while the guitar smacks you with the catchiest chords to be played thusfar. This continues until the end where it slows down for a nice and much calmer ending to the thrill ride. 

Tiger Lily has pushed their way to the front of the evergrowing pop punk crowd to give everyone a view of what they can provide. If you’re looking for a new band to keep on your radar, then give Tiger Lily the opportunity. This fierce band is ready to make its mark on the pop punk world with Things I Wish I’d Said.


By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews