Thy Art Is Murder – Hate (2012)

The amount of Australian bands that have been reviewed this year on MGR is actually astounding and we still have a few months before the year is even over. Whether these bands are new to the scene or have been around for several years, they have all helped push the Australian scene to the top as far as 2012 goes. The latest has been reigning over the deathcore scene for approximately seven years now and unleashing their newest full length on the world, ladies and gents; Thy Art Is Murder.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia this five piece technical deathcore/death metal outfitted band has created some of the most devastatingly heavy and mind numbing deathcore that not one of us could’ve imagined. I’ve been following Thy Art Is Murder since their demo, This Hole Isn’t Deep Enough For The Twelve Of You, which was released back in 2005 and since then they’ve grown into one of the most respected and liked deathcore bands in creation. Their fourth release and second full length entitled Hate is set to release on October 19th and after listening to it for the past couple of days, I can firmly say that this might just be one of the heaviest and most beautifully talented pieces of work I’ve heard in a few years. Hate is no disappointment and no exception to their lyrical content of anti-religion, violence and murder, and pure disgust for a majority of the human race.

Hate is one of the most well produced albums as well as being one of the best both technically, in terms of vocals and in terms of breakdowns. Thy Art Is Murder know what it means to bring something special to each of their songs and while they lacked a little on their previous release The Adversary, Hate makes up for it. Each song has crushing lows, highs sent straight from hell itself, and intense breakdowns mixed with blast beats. At some points, these breakdowns actually gave me a headache because they were so heavy and destructive.

I haven’t gushed over many albums this year but I truly believe that Hate will be one of the hardest deathcore albums to top once it’s released to the public. To this day, people still bask in the glory of Thy Art Is Murder’s previous releases like Infinite Death and The Adversary on a regular basis. I’m not aware of many other bands out there that can create albums dating back to 2008 and still have the public talking about them with such astounding positivity. This forty minute full length legitimately starts off with pounding breakdowns and keeps it up right until the very final seconds. With special guest vocals by Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction and Nico from War From A Harlots Mouth, it’s no wonder why this album doesn’t lack any sort of originality. They managed to take two vocalists from two bands that are not even relatively close to them in terms of sound and integrate them into their songs in such a perfect way that you wouldn’t even question their appearance in their songs.

There are no more words left to describe this masterpiece that we have ever so luckily been handed by these five Australian titans of a genre that has received so much criticism for lacking originality and the true niche of brutality. Thy Art Is Murder is going to be the reason the masses flock back and praise the deathcore and death metal genres as a whole.

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By Unknown ~ Me Gusta Reviews