Make Me Famous – It's Now or Never (2012)

Make Me Famous was initially a band that seemed like they had potential back when they released their first song “Make It Precious,” however, any potential that was there slowly drained away and turned to crap. In case you haven’t been following these guys, they started with their singer being on YouTube and slowly gaining an internet following by posting guitar and vocal covers before he finally put a band together. After their first song blew up on YouTube, they started to say how they had such big things in store and blah, blah, blah. You get what was going on.After almost a year of delay due to very bad reasons on their part, their debut album is finally here, although I would have greatly preferred it to just keep getting delayed and never be released. As I said, prior to release, they had put out a few songs, but they all decreased in quality from one to the next. As much potential as they had shown in “Make It Precious,” that’s really all it was. Potential. They don’t know how to let the potential out into a solid album or even more than a few solid songs.Yes, the album isn’t a complete sh*tfest, there are a few decent tunes here and there, but out of the 15 tracks on the album I probably only enjoyed three or four of them. The low screams here are decent, but they get very monotonous and the highs just sound like an old lady screaming angrily at a grandchild that spilled his milk on the carpet. The cleans are just like every other band in this genre, which means they are very whiny and high pitched. The lyrics are also extremely cliche or nonsensical at all. And, speaking of nonsense, that brings me to the completely stupid song titles that they have on this album (Ifyuocnaraedtihsmkaemeasnadwich).Most of the songs are just big breakdowns with a few riffs here and there that eventually transition (very, very badly) into a synth section that has cleans over them. That’s about every song, save for one or two, on the album.My next gripe with this album is that there are so many different things thrown into it that it feels like these guys don’t know what they want to do. Yes, it’s mainly breakdowns and synth, but there are a few softer songs that are primarily singing that just seem extremely out of place. It’s very disjointed and not put together very well.Despite all the hate I’ve wrote here, the band members (namely the lead guitar and drums) show a lot of talent in some of the licks and beats but they’re wasting that talent in this band. They could do much better elsewhere.Basically, if you enjoy Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack, or any other band like that you’ll most likely enjoy this album too.
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By Cody Hath ~ Me Gusta Reviews