The Vile Impurity – Anathema (2012)

340419-8902599 I always feel like a proud father when I come across an underground band with tons of talent who I then write a review for; one exactly like I am doing right this second and I can’t help but get that proud sensation of taking time out of my day to help the deserving yet unnoticed. Tonight, I’m going to be reviewing two underground bands for that matter and both are more than deserving of your attention. So, without further adieu, I present to you the first of the two: The Vile Impurity.

The Vile Impurity is a four-piece technical death metal band hailing from Springfield, IL. They have only been around for approximately two years now, which is not a whole lot of time at all, which makes what they have out that much more impressive. Having not even reached 2,000 “likes” on Facebook, they have already signed with Swimming With Sharks Records and released their debut EP Anathema. 

When I first listened to this EP, I felt like it would be a generic deathcore/death metal album, but as I’m spinning it while I write this, I’ve come to the conclusion that, unlike most death metal EP’s out there, this one has a really catchy nature about it, at least in the first couple of songs. Lyrically, the album is very similar to Whitechapel and early Thy Art is Murder. Very angry and very fast paced, just like both of those bands but perhaps a little more technical when it comes to the instrumentals. Six songs tallying up to 23 minutes of sheer technical death metal is what the boys in The Vile Impurity have left us with and overall I’d have to say I’m thoroughly impressed with how well this EP turned out.

When the band gets really technical with the guitars during certain parts of their songs, I get the feeling that I’m listening to old school Beneath the Massacre at some points. For example, in the beginning of the first track, “Annihilate This Destination,” the guitarists play insanely fast and reminded me of the Mechanics of Dysfunction by Beneath the Massacre, which is incredibly for such a new band to be compared to as far as I see it. The entire EP is chock full of heavy lows and highs on par with death metal titans such as The Black Dahlia Murder. It’s not the usual bland death metal that doesn’t bring anything special to the table, but in fact something really catchy and mind-blowing in technical terms.

I haven’t found myself this impressed with an EP since AngelMaker’s Hell EP that was released this September. Overall, The Vile Impurity has thoroughly impressed me, not only with their extremely heavy and brutal EP release but with the fact that they’ve only been around for roughly two years and have already managed to make a name for themselves in the metal community while simultaneously getting signed to an up-and-coming record label that will undoubtedly push them in the right direction to get even more fans and more exposure.


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