The Sea Charmer – Cimmerian Repose EP (2012)

I have to admit, I have not been particularly fond of many new releases lately. So when I listened to The Sea Charmer’s Cimmerian Repose I was pleasantly surprised. While this EP is very short, I can tell that this band has a promising future ahead of them. Hailing from Czech Republic, this metalcore outfit is without a doubt bringing some unique elements to the scene. The opening track “Trigger The Grief” starts with a calm ambient-ish intro that builds up into the impressive harsh vocals that stood out to me as a nostalgic 90s hardcore style. The clean vocals are what got me in this song. I was very impressed with the ambiance they provided. This is definitely my favorite track off of this two song EP. The next song “At Dusk Of Vipers” came in as a more hard-hitting one. The guitar work is beautiful and ambient while at the same time keeping that hardcore sound. The clean vocals from this band are just amazing. The drumming impressed me as well. This song also features a guitar solo that is very refreshing. I am very glad to see a thriving Eastern-European hardcore/metalcore scene. This band in particular has a great potential and I am very excited for future releases. The production could have used a little more work but for a first release it was definitely impressive. 4-8751519
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By xSirPumpkinx ~ Me Gusta Reviews