The Agonist – Prisoners (2012)

The Agonist has always been one of my favorite “death metal” bands for a couple of reasons. Reason number one, Alissa White-Gluz. Not only is she very, VERY nice to look at, but she can sing as well as scream quite well. Reason number two, all the musicians are talented and do their job better than most other people in this genre of music. I am extremely glad to say that neither of those two things have changed with The Agonist’s latest release Prisoners. The album kicks off with the song “You’re Coming With Me” and it sets up the overall feel of the album and leaves you with an awesome solo that showcases the guitarist’s skill. Speaking of the guitarist’s skill, it’s actually shown a lot more in this album than what it has been in the past, with solos scattered all over the hour that this album will run. Yes, the album is an hour long, but that’s not a bad thing at all if you’re prepared for the more progressive elements that The Agonist has incorporated here. Most songs run almost five minutes which means that there are drastic tempo changes in many songs and a lot of talent shown that wasn’t seen as much in other albums. The drummer can keep up very well with the changes and guitarists are good at coming up with riffs and licks that flow nicely together. Now to one of my favorite elements of this band: the vocals. Gluz’s screams are as good as ever and her singing is different for the genre but adds uniqueness to the music. Her singing has also improved from the last album and while there isn’t a track like “Swan Lake” here, there’s still plenty of moments where she shows that she can sing just as well as she can scream. If you’re a fan of The Agonist then I can guarantee you will love this album. This album also has the potential to attract new fans because of the added progressive elements. However, if you’re not into clean singing in your heavier music, then stay away from this. 4-9226054
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By Cody Hath ~ Me Gusta Reviews