Seaway/Safe To Say – Split (2012)

seawaycover-3153344 I just recently discovered the pop punk band Seaway and have been hooked on their EP for the past couple of weeks. You can say I was pretty thrilled when I unexpectedly received a split done by Seaway and another Ontario band named Safe To Say. This split is set to release on October 23rd and I highly suggest that everyone should check it out. Seaway’s half of the split is first and I wasn’t disappointed. All three of the songs sound like they could be right off of their previous EP which was a work of art itself. The first song “Homewrecker” begins with a fast guitar lick that goes straight into the unique Seaway vocals. These rougher vocals are very similar to Living With Lions and sound beautiful. A great feature of this song is the leads that are sometimes masked by the vocals. These leads fit in perfectly with the rest of the music and really spice things up. The song “Lifted” is my favorite song from this split. It begins with a faded intro but quickly transitions right into a catchy chorus. This song is sure to rectify any kind of ill feelings or bitter food that you’re in. Finishing at just over two minutes, this song ends too quickly and really leaves me wanting more in the song. Safe To Say’s side came as quite a surprise to me. I had never heard of this band before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as the first 35-second track “Entirely” started, I knew that Safe To Say was about to make a name for themselves. Seaway started us off with fast and upbeat pop punk but Safe To Say closes it with slower rock. Safe To Say, both musically and vocally, sounds very similar to Citizen. The guitar riffs and drumming are fairly simple yet easy to get into. The final track, “Dead Birds”, is another excellent song and a great finish. The intro guitar riff actually sounds somewhat similar to “Drown” by Citizen. Once the strong vocals kicked in, I was blown away. The drumming and the guitar for the remainder of the song is entrancing as well. Even the bass makes it’s debut towards the end of the song and delivers a fantastic outro. Overall, this split is very well done and will put both of these bands under the radar for pop punk fans. Every song is worth mentioning and they all individually stand out. While each band displays great potential, there is some room for improvement for both. Be sure to check this split out when it drops on October 23rd. These are two bands that you don’t want to miss out on. 4-9028631

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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews