Rings Of Saturn – Dingir (2012)

Out of all of the reviews that I’ve written for MGR, this band is easily one of the most infamous and rapidly growing when it comes to popularity and fan base. I’ve seen some bands come from having just a few demo songs to releasing an EP or album and have their popularity just straight up skyrocket; but none match this band. They’ve been plagued with hate and bad luck for a while now so I think it’s time they receive something genuinely positive. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Rings Of Saturn and their new album, Dingir. This self-proclaimed, five-piece “Aliencore” band has been killing it since 2009 which I see to be a short amount of time considering that they have over 50,000 likes on Facebook and it’s only growing as I continue to write this. Rings Of Saturn have made a name for themselves by posting internet “memes” on a regular basis and by notoriously having one of the most judgmental and elitist fans out of all the bands I’ve ever come across.  Fortunately for them, it’s not about the “memes” and fans elitist attitudes, but rather the music itself.

Now, I know this review is a little late and most of you have probably already checked out the album in its entirety or at least a little since they decided to release the entire thing two months before it’s official release date. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about Dingir [Din-Jeer] but the only ones I’m going to truly agree with are the ones praising the sophomore release. Their debut release, Embryonic Anomaly, was an album that I enjoyed but never really gave a close and analytical listen. Dingir, on the other hand, I’ve been replaying constantly since I downloaded it and this album is gnarly.

From the second you double click the intro track, “Objective To Harvest”, the utterly insane guitar shredding doesn’t end and the neither do the vocals. I knew Rings Of Saturn was a heavy and technical band but the guitar work on this album is some of the best I’ve heard in my entire life. I’m not trained in the technicalities of guitar but those really high sounding bits of guitar during parts of many songs honestly make me so happy. There’s something about them that sets the album apart from what I’ve listened to lately and I enjoyed that. I wasn’t surprised with the lyrical concept of the album at all considering Rings Of Saturn are self-proclaimed “Aliencore”. I was really glad they didn’t take an Aegaeon-type route and try to spend too much album time creating a spacey atmosphere for the album. Instead, they just focused straight up on trying to shred your brain and ears to pieces with insanely heavy metal tunes. Lyrically, again, I found them to be similar to Aegaeon in that sense but a little more angry and violent than they normally come off as. Still very solid and original in the deathcore/death metal scene as far as I’m concerned.

The small things are irregardless, what’s important is the fact that this release has been one of the most anticipated this year right beside Thy Art Is Murder and Parkway Drive, and quite honestly, Dingir is up there with both of them. I’m extremely proud of these guys and hope that Ian and the rest of them can get on a huge tour and show everyone just how talented they really are.


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