Prophets – The Youth (2012)

Most hardcore fans would usually think of Counterparts’ well-received debut full-length album when they hear the word Prophets, but things could easily change now. The Hamilton, Ontario five piece that goes by that same name certainly does sound like they draw some influences from Counterparts, but do not think that they’re the same type of band. Prophets is a much more aggressive/progressive hardcore band, however, they are fairly melodic at times. Their debut full length, The Youth, is streaming this weekend on Bandcamp (link below), but there is no official release date yet. After some riffing, the first lyric comes in and opens the album perfectly. The vocalist, Ian Flynn, yells out “I’ll scream out loud until my lungs give out because I am not afraid to be a minority in a crowd of followers.” The lyrical content is one of the biggest highlights of the album because nearly every lyric is relateable or helpful (there are some positive lyrics). Two of my personal favourites are “Self-indulgent, greedy, manipulative people like you are the reason I act the way I do” heard on the second track (“Martyr”) and “But when my time here is up, I know I was here for a reason” heard on “Headrush.”

Another highlight of The Youth is the emotion that Ian provides on every track. “Martyr” and “Headrush” are two of the tracks that display emotion particularly well especially during their respective interludes when Ian screams out meaningful lyrics with all of his heart. These parts are sure to induce goosebumps.

Instrumentally, the album is nearly as good as it is lyrically and vocally. Tight and upbeat drumming, aggressive and monstrous breakdowns and exceptional hardcore riffing can be heard throughout the 33 minute-long The Youth. In addition, the occasional melodic guitar leads can be heard and they are spectacular.

The final thing that made this album sound even better is the production done by Derek Hoffman and mastering done by Jay Maas. The production is very raw and gives the album a heavier and true sound and the mastering makes everything even tighter.

I first came across Prophets about a year and a half ago when they were opening a local show for Counterparts. While I was impressed with their performance, and later their EP entitled In the Grips of Conflict, it wasn’t until after hearing The Youth that I realized how much potential the band really has. “Faded Faces,” “Mislead” and “Growing Old” are my personal favourites on The Youth, but every track is incredible and it’s a must-have album. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to stay updated with the official release date and general band info!


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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews