Pentimento – Pentimento (2012)

Pentimento has always stood out to me ever since Wrecked was released in 2011. Their obvious punk influences were so refreshing, and at the same time, they put their own twist on that style. Earlier this year, the band released a split with the late Young English. Each band provided three original tracks and one cover song. The progression from Wrecked to the split was incredible. I knew just how much the band had moved forward between the two releases that their debut full length was going to be another upgrade.

The self-titled record opens with “Unless” and instantly the band comes off as more aggressive than they have been before. Although the intro is very fast paced, as soon as the vocals start you are thrown directly into the same old melodic/catchy Pentimento that most know and love. This track for sure sets the vibe of the entire album. Following “Unless” is the first single from the album, “Circles”. This track was released as a music video back in September. The vocal style in this track is something new for the band, and it works incredibly well. Next up after “Circles”, is “Conscience (Consequence)”. As soon as this song started I was blown away by how much the vocals had improved. The musicianship in this song is nothing short of impressive. 

Track four is “The Wind”. At this point, I am realizing how each track has its own feel. This is something I always enjoy in an album. It’s no fun to listen to an album full of songs that sound identical. Also, only being four songs in, I felt as if every single song could have been an album closer. Following “The Wind” is “No One Lets You Know”. The guitar work on this track is incredibly catchy. Aside from the guitar, the way the rest of the band contributes to this song makes it feel like a punk rock symphony.

“Days Away” is another super catchy punk song. The transitions in this song really stood out to me; they just seemed extremely natural (not that they aren’t on any other song). Next up is a track people are familiar with, “The Bridge”. What you may or may not know, is that this is an acoustic rendition of the song. Overall, this version is done perfectly. It may even be better than the original.

“Almost Atlantic” starts off a bit slower than the other songs on the album. Don’t take that the wrong way, though, you still get your dose of pounding drums and yelling in this song. It’s hard to believe that this song is the longest on the album because it seems to go by so quickly. 

If you were following Pentimento’s updates while they were in the studio recording this album, you know that the band incorporated string sections into one of the new songs. That song is “Subtle Words”. The track is breathtaking, a beautiful arrangement of music. The way it starts led me to believe that it was going to be slower to match the feel/vibe of the strings, however, I was wrong and the build up in the end is bone chilling.

After hearing “Subtle Words” I had no idea how the band was going to close this album. The last two songs, “For Winter” and “On Summer”, were definitely well placed. “For Winter” seems to bring you back to the Pentimento you are used to. Most people would be like, “Well, this just sounds like their old stuff”. The truth is, it does, but it’s just an extremely good Pentimento song. Up next is the album closer entitled “On Summer”. I was expecting something great and that is indeed what I got. In the first minute or so, the song seems like a really, really good rock song. The catchy melodies are almost too good to be true. On top of that, the song goes out in style. A very sing-a-long-esque outro comes out of nowhere. Pentimento ends their debut album passionately, and aggressively. They couldn’t have chosen a better song to go out on.

Overall, Pentimento has yet again remarkably progressed between releases. The self-titled album defines the band better than any other release in the past. While the record offers the same Pentimento that their fans know and love, it also brings so much more to the table. This band is definitely not afraid to go outside of their comfort zone and try new things. This is always a respectable quality, whether it works or not. Luckily for Pentimento, it works incredibly well. I feel that Pentimento created the most perfect debut record they possibly could have and this release is definitely going to put them on the map in 2013.


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By Zack Lloyd ~ Me Gusta Reviews