Parkview – Leap Year (2013)

Parkview’s Leap Year is not an unexpected record. The Colorado outfit has crafted seven tracks of pop punk that will please Four Year Strong and The Story So Far fans. In fact, their vocalist sounds quite a bit like Parker Cannon several times throughout the record – especially so in the opening track. The vocals throughout the album sound quite good, and the only downside is that they are rather hard to make out in places – though I may just have been so distracted by the multitude of breakdowns that I missed a lot of the noteworthy lyrics. (I did catch these lines off of “Stargazer,” and found them to be endearingly cute: “Count the stars until they fall, and God knows I would count them all if it meant that I could wake up next to you.”)

Don’t get me wrong, I did not hate Leap Year, but I also was left with the impression that the band could have produced something more memorable. The title track is the shining pinnacle of the EP. If anything, it’s worth listening to the rest of the record to hear this song.

Parkview will remain on my radar specifically because of “Leap Year,” and probably not much else off of the EP. That being said, there is definitely potential in the record; I’m excited to see what Parkview does in the future. twoandhalf-8458529
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By Caitlin Soard ~ Me Gusta Reviews