Parasitic Ejaculation – Rationing the Sacred… (2013)

parasiticejaculation-9910783 Sometimes you like a genre of music, but just because you like the primary base genre doesn’t mean you like the co-existing side genres that branch off to create their own little brand of music. In this case, we have some slamming brutal death metal that is only for the true soulless and weird metal fans out there. I’ve seen names from these kinds of bands that make me either laugh or actually cringe a little. This time it’s laughter with a sheer sense of pride due to how much the band just totally shreds.

Parasitic Ejaculation, from Santa Cruz, CA, burst onto the scene back in 2011 and have since managed to grab hold of a record deal with Ghastly Music – who are responsible for distributing their most recent release, Rationing the Sacred Human Remains. This full-length album is full of more two-minute songs than a punk album and almost as many sound clips as Killwhitneydead. This is my second time tackling a brutal death metal album; the first being Devourment’s Conceived in Sewage. Fortunately for Parasitic Ejaculation, their album sounds better than Devourment’s album did. I know it’s hard to say that since brutal death metal doesn’t really have a whole lot of technicality to pick apart and, in terms of vocals, it’s not as cut and dry as most other genres.

The entire album just has better production value than other brutal death releases I seem to come across lately. I expect it to be rough sounding, but I don’t want something recorded with a dang spatula. Johnathon Neel’s vocals have more strength than a lot of the bands in the scene and maybe that’s why they’ve accumulated a fair amount of fans in about two years. With this strength comes the typical instrumentals that, sadly, don’t necessarily set the band apart from any other similar artist.

Rationing the Sacred Human Remains follows in the footsteps of every single band in Parasitic Ejaculation’s respective genre by picking such fascinating titles like “Slow Torture Puke Chamber” and “Fomenting Fetishized Feederism.” They’re not as explicit or blunt as some titles, but definitely odd enough to make people look at you funny when they come across it in your iTunes library. While the name is humorous, the music doesn’t follow the same suit. It’s actually structured well and at times does have stronger instrumentals in specific songs like “Intrauterine Omophagia” and “Impalement Neurosis” – which have some really cool guitar riffs.

I’m not entirely sure what else there is to say about a release like this other than the fact that it’s just blatant shredding of instruments and of listeners’ ears. It’s one of those releases that could have used some sort of niche to set it just high enough over the bar so it’s not too average. What sort of niche is unclear, but perhaps it’s something Parasitic Ejaculation can find in their next release which I more than look forward to hearing. Having Devourment listed as one of your influences but releasing stuff that comes off much stronger than their previously released stuff is a big feat for a much smaller band and, for that, I commend Parasitic Ejaculation. Rationing the Sacred Human Remains is something you can listen to while you drive to work or while you’re completing a mundane task, but it’s not quite one you’d keep on for a long period of time on repeat.

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