Oddczar – One Word (2012)

I’ve been hearing about the five piece band Oddczar in my local scene for quite some time but I never took a moment to stop and listen to them. One night I finally settled down to give them a spin and honestly, I was amazed at how good they are. I was also slightly disappointed that I had never spared the time for this local talent. When I discovered that their new album One Word was on the way, I was overjoyed. The album in its entirety is currently available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp.

Oddczar plays what can be classified as melodic hardcore, but at times both the instruments and vocals sound eerily similar to Touche Amore. This “album” is eight songs and only around 18 minutes, but every second of One Word is incredible. The first track, “Samsquanch”, begins with a short guitar intro that transitions right into the emotion packed vocals. The guitarist normally has a backing melodic riff for the vocals but also plays some pure hardcore or punk-ish riffs such as about a minute towards the end of the track.

The drumming throughout the album fits the music perfectly and sounds great, but the drummer never experiments with anything too fancy. A showcase of some of the skill the drummer has to offer is in the track “One Word”. As said, the guitarists are able to instantly switch between laying down melodies to throwing in spine shattering riffs. Another thing worth noting is the audible bass. As I listen to One Word, I can actually hear the bass without straining or having to adjust the settings.

The lyrics on One Word take on a darker tone as they all seem to be about a previous relationship. In the track “One Word”, the vocalist screams “That one word, L-O-V-E or something, that you seem to feel with someone else instead of me”. The lyrics aren’t anything philosophical or elegant, but they do get their meaning across and from the way the vocalist screams them, have a whole ocean of meaning behind them.

Most of the songs such as “Sidesex” or “My Lips Are Seals” are fast and heavy. Other songs, like “Junaluska”, are relatively slower but maintain the heavy rhythm that the previous songs had. Every song on the album is sure to get you off your feet and are sure to decimate your vocal chords as you sing along. Each track is just as passionate as the last.

There is never a dull moment on One Word, but a lot of the songs do sound similar. If I put the album on shuffle and didn’t look at the track titles, I would have a difficult time distinguishing them from one another. Another thing that could be done to improve is to implement and take advantage of more melodic guitar riffs like the ones in the title track. However, these are truly just minor flaws and One Word is a fantastic debut album. The production couldn’t have been any better. The highlights of the album are “Bud Brothers”, “Sidesex”, and “One Word”.

If you’re in the market for some passionate music similar to Touche Amore or Departures, make sure to give Oddczar a chance. I’m certain you’ll enjoy what you hear. Be sure to check these guys out and give them some support. They deserve every bit of it. fourandhalf-7886467

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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews