Napoleon – What We See EP (2012)

Melodic hardcore is a genre which is threatening to burst at the seams at the moment, such is the number of talented bands which are currently emerging. Hailing from Exeter, UK, four-piece Napoleon are the latest addition to this burgeoning scene. Formed just over a year ago, they released their free debut EP on May 1st. The EP kicks off with the title track ‘What We See’ and it doesn’t take long to realise that this is going to be something special. The band sounds like they’ve been working together for much longer than a year with a refined sound, good energy and decent interplay between the instruments. The tracks are well developed too, all clocking in above the four minute mark. The lead guitar is probably the most notable aspect of the band, with undulating patterns reminiscent of Counterparts prevalent throughout their music. They really bring the songs to life, particularly on ‘Liars and Sellers’, the strongest track on the EP and an absolute masterpiece. The guitars are punctuated by solid, upbeat drumming and complimented by the vocals of Joshua Baker. He delivers them with a similar tone and passion to Heart in Hand’s vocalist and they complete the band’s tight British sound. The production on the EP is also commendable with a crisp and clean finish. Whilst the majority of the music on the EP is quite pacey and intense, there is some time to breath. ‘Bearing Loss’ stands out in this respect with a slow build up, culminating in an epic climax and some subtle use of atmospheric rhythm guitar. The final track on the record features guest vocals from Jonny OC of Liferuiner. These are used to emphatic effect and ensure that the EP goes out with a bang. ‘What We See’ is a superb release which will be sure to satisfy any fans of the genre. Napoleon by name, dynamite by nature. fourandhalf-4633934

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For Fans Of: It Prevails, Counterparts, Heart in Hand

Written in collaboration with Steven Pongrac

By George ~ Me Gusta Reviews