Murder Construct – Results (2012)

murder2bconstruct-8695887 As most of us already know, veteran band members don’t usually stick with just one project but instead venture out there and pursue one, two, maybe even three other musical endeavors. That’s exactly what we have in this case because despite the band exploding onto the scene as of lately, more than half of the members are veterans in the metal scene.

Today, I’m starting off with a band that goes by the name of Murder Construct. Probably haven’t heard of them right? Would you be surprised if I told you that they’ve been around since 2001?! Even though they formed in 2001 they took a hiatus of nearly ten years and that’s most likely the reason why their name doesn’t ring a bell for you. How long they’ve been around for is not necessarily the most important aspect because they’re here now and they’ve just recently dropped a full length called Results.

Murder Construct is a five piece grindcore infused death metal band with such metal veterans as Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation, Danny Walker of Exhumed, and Leon Del Muerte of Exhumed & Impaled. Created following the departure of Del Muerte from Impaled, Murder Construct recently returned after nearly a decade long hiatus to create a self-titled EP that was released in November 2010, and now Results on August 28th 2012. The band creates some insanely technical and fast paced death metal with a lot of grindcore aspects as well.

When I first listened to the album I was surprised at how quiet the album seemed to be. I’m not sure if it may just be the copy I have or what exactly is going on there, but I had to adjust my headphones a good amount just to be able to enjoy the album at the level I wanted to. That shouldn’t turn you off though because even if the album is recorded more quietly than others, it’s fairly easy to adjust your settings to what you need them to be. Aside from that, the 30-minute full length features 11 of the heaviest and fastest tracks I’ve heard in a while. They’re so fast paced they could give Usain Bolt a run for his money. Unfortunately, I felt like some of the songs were just too bland and brought nothing new or ground breaking to the table. Not to say that it’s not insanely heavy and some quality death metal/grindcore, but it’s been done before many a time. Also, some of the songs were so similar in fact that when I went to check what track I was on, I didn’t realize I had gone from the third track to the fifth because there’s no real transition period between the songs. Maybe it’s because of the fast paced nature of Murder Construct’s sound but I’m just not a fan of albums where I can’t even tell where one song begins and ends. If that’s not something that bothers you, than this album could certainly be enough to tickle your fancy, but for me it’s more of a hit or miss kind of album and the replay value isn’t necessarily there either.

I’m definitely looking forward to what Murder Construct has in store for the future but for now, be sure to give the new album entitled Results a spin on Bandcamp or other music sites that are streaming it.

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By Unknown ~ Me Gusta Reviews