Mourning Beloveth – Formless (2013)

Mourning Beloveth is a doom/death metal outfit that resides in Kildare, Ireland. The band was formed in 1992 and ever since, has been perfecting their style of doom/death metal in leaps and bounds. The band sits more towards the doom metal side of heavy metal than the death metal side (at least, for the majority of the time) but the band mixes in little bits of knuckle-dragging death metal from time to time (those bits being mighty tasty)! I discovered Mourning Beloveth while I was deeply immersed in an Ahab kick and the two bands complimented each other so well that Mourning Beloveth joined my listening rotation. Ever since that Ahab kick, Mourning Beloveth has never left my rotation and Formless is definitely a record worth repeated listens! The music…. where to begin? The band begins with the delicate clean tones of “Theories of Old Bones” which are shortly accompanied by a distorted guitar chord that introduces the accompanying bass line and drum part. Mourning Beloveth is very, very good at writing suspenseful passages; musical ideas that lead to a culmination before fading back to the black from which they came. Formless is full of these tasty little bits! Along with these very well written suspenseful passages, the band will occasionally throw a death metal bone the listeners’ way. If you are a fan of the slow and heavy, with a little variety for addition flare, Formless will definitely not waste your time! The production on this album matches that of previous albums (this is a good attribute). From the opening clean tone in “Theories of Old Bones”, one can tell that the sound belongs to Mourning Beloveth. The band sounds big, warm, and beautiful. Finally, the mix is spectacular! If your ear is a fan of sweet treats, this album is definitely catered to please! Drums, drums, drums! I could go on and on about this subject, but I’ll keep it brief. I love the drum sound on this record. The drums sound huge and powerful, but they don’t command the final mix. A final note, Timmy Johnson is a phenomenal drummer. Don’t let his name fool you; this dude can play! Superb time, well-placed and well-executed drum fills, and a heavy hitter, Johnson is all that a doom metal band can ask for, and more! Mourning Beloveth is one of my favorite Irish heavy metal bands. At home, the band stands out as arguably one of the most successful Irish doom metal bands. Secondly, the band has been able to hold their own against doom giants such as Ahab, Asunder, and Daylight Dies. Not only that, but Mourning Beloveth has remained consistent and true to their sound with each passing album. Formless is another step forward for this doom metal great! I was gripped firmly by each song, the band sounds great, and the album flowed in exquisite style. Sold? Prove it. Support the band below! 4-8134763
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By Anonymous ~ Me Gusta Reviews