Maker – Maker EP (2012)

I’ll be honest, I was not a huge fan of Maker’s debut full length entitled Mirrors when it was released last year, but it grew on me very quickly after multiple listens. Vocally, this band is one of the most unique in their genre. When I was told that Maker was releasing a self-titled EP this November, I was very anxious to hear how the band had progressed since Mirrors.

The EP opens up with “Shadows”, a melodic roller coaster if you will. The song begins pretty quietly, but quickly builds up to the signature pop-punk/indie sound that Maker fans are familiar with. Just by hearing this track it’s clear that Maker has grown a ton since Mirrors. The way the vocals play off each other is very enjoyable. Anyone who is a fan of The American Scene, Citizen, or older Transit will be a fan of the vocal styles present on this self-titled release.

“You Know Who You Are” is track number two, immediately showing a new side of Maker. The early parts of this song remind me a lot Brand New’s Devil and God days. Although the song starts off with a somewhat dark vibe, it quickly picks up with an upbeat chorus. “You Know Who You Are” goes out with a bang, again showing off the vocal abilities of the band. The following track, “I Had To Put My Lady Down”, seems to be the ballad of the EP. This song is just simply the most beautiful, calming track Maker has ever released.

Track four is “Medina”, a considerably upbeat song. I’d say this track is the most “full” song on the EP. This track seems to have it all. The guitar work in “Medina” is especially enjoyable. The EP ends extremely strong with “Hurricanes”, a roller coaster of a song. The track offers everything that the EP had in previous songs, mixed together into one musical masterpiece.

Overall, Maker is the band’s best release yet. Even though it’s only five songs, it promises a very bright future for the band. The way Maker mixes the classic pop punk style with modern indie rock twists is something special. Definitely be on the look out for this band next year, as this EP will give them the boost they need. You can also catch them on tour this Fall with Major League and Turnover.


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By Zack Lloyd ~ Me Gusta Reviews