Machinist! – Black List EP (2012)

Machinist! is a straight up hardcore band from Georgia, and with Black List as their first release, it looks like they’re here to stay. What can you expect? Some straight up, honest and in-your-face hardcore that draws influences from bands like Down To Nothing and Guns Up and I can’t get enough of that. On to the EP… The opening track, “Failure”, is a beautiful way for Machinist! to introduce themselves. Feedback, pounding drums, and rough vocals set the tone perfectly for what’s coming at you on this short but powerful EP. They keep the tempo high, drums groovy, and guitars racing for the whole EP and there is no time for slowing down. The remainder of the tracks are pretty much similar but not in a boring way, I only mean they are fast and have no time for nonsense since they just feel like a high speed train coming at you. Sometimes, they do slow things down a bit to make it a bit heavier as a whole (the start of “Teen Wolf”) or throw a bit more melody in there (“Prayed Upon”, which is probably my favourite track since it’s so damn groovy) but this all works out great. In “Of My Tongue” they even throw in some gang vocals, and even though I feel like that is a bit overused these days, I can dig them on this one. Something that I personally love is the fact that this band just makes the songs they want to make and don’t care about how long they are. This band just shows honesty in their lyrics and through the length of their songsIf your song is about one minute but is super groovy and gets the message across, why make it longer? The only reason I’m not giving this band a nine or higher is because I feel like I need more songs to make up my mind completely. Everything is tight and works on this release, but can they keep it interesting on a full length is the question I want answered. Anyway, I am a fan of this band and you should be too since there is nothing not to like. I feel like this band can go places, so just keep an eye open. 4-9461582

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By Enzo ~ Me Gusta Reviews