Lifeboat – Currents EP (2011)


Lifeboat is an unsigned five-piece metalcore/hardcore band with melodic hardcore influences, hailing from London, Ont. Currents, released in 2011, is the band’s second EP. With lyrics like “life is fragile don’t just waste it away” (heard on the second track, “Worlds Apart”) and “don’t lose hope; you are never alone” (heard on the fourth track, “Chasing Skylines”), it’s pretty clear that Lifeboat is trying to portray a positive message through their music. You can expect to hear some very good guitar leads, passionate melodic hardcore-styled vocals and solid drumming (albeit it’s nothing groundbreaking) throughout this EP.

Currents starts off with “River Monsters.” “River Monsters” is the perfect track to start the mini 15-minute adventure down the road of the Currents EP. After about 30 seconds of hearing nothing but waves and volume swelling, the brilliance finally begins with a great guitar lead and powerful vocals. The next two tracks, “Worlds Apart” and “Closure,” are extremely good tracks instrumentally. However, the next track, “Chasing Skylines”, is my favourite track instrumentally on the EP. The final track, “Finding Comfort,” is my favourite track on the EP by far. Every time I hear “this is where I’ll find my way through” near the end of the song, I get chills. The combination of powerful vocals/lyrics and the fantastic sounding guitar lead is probably what causes the chills.

My main issue with this EP is that the song structure is pretty simple in each of the songs, and because of that, all of the songs sound similar to a point. However, Currents is definitely an improvement from their first EP, Frames. Frames was a solid first release, but Currents has proved that this band is definitely progressing, and if they continue to do so, they will be signed some time in the near future.

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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews