Lecherous Nocturne – Behold Almighty Doctrine (2013)

400426_369365549800719_1028778023_n-550x550-5769541 Lecherous Nocturne, a technical brutal death metal band who reside in Greenville, South Carolina have carried themselves as a band who bring something “new” to the genre of technical brutal death metal. While all bands, from the most amateur to the highest of professional, have the right to think they breathe fresh air into their respective genre, Lecherous Nocturne does not (and has not) since they began putting out records, starting with their first full length in 2006. Time and time again, I have read that this band is bland, uninteresting, and worth skipping over. Despite these things, I felt that with the news of a new Lecherous Nocturne album would give the band a chance to disprove all these convictions and actually provide the listener with an album that was tasteful, interesting, and worth purchasing. Sadly, Lecherous Nocturne failed to deliver. The music is generally the same. From track to track, I had to keep checking back to iTunes to see whether I was listening to a new song or still listening to the same song. Finally, as I began to check the progress I was making, the album ended. It had passed so fast that little, to nothing, was processed. Upon a second listen, I was able to process the contents of certain songs, but the majority of them still passed without a definitive beginning or ending. From what I could process from my second listen, I didn’t like, at all. During certain points in certain songs, the band would attempt to play a slower riff and groove on it. These attempts were ruined by fast, tremolo picked guitar parts played just as the band tried to establish a slower groove. What was more unpleasant to the ear was the bands piano songs, which sound just as chaotic, wanky, and dumb as their plugged in songs. Technical brutal death metal has no room for the “progressive” tag and I hope no other technical brutal death metal band tries to incorporate it into their music. Regarding the production of this album, it is well produced. One element that I thought could use a boost was the vocal parts, but the bigger problem lies with the actual parts themselves. The drum parts, guitar parts, bass parts, and vocal style sound like recycled bits from past albums. The band has played all these riffs before. Listen to any of their past releases if you don’t believe me. The drumming on this album is…chaotic. When I say chaotic, one must think that it can’t possibly be played well (with any precision or finesse, to be exact). However, this isn’t true. I do feel that Alex Lancia is a talented drummer with great potential, but he needs to learn to play musically (changing bands/genres would help greatly). Blasting on five different parts of your giant drum kit at random times does not have any musical worth. There is nothing catchy, or cool about it. Personally, all I hear when listening to the drums is, “Look how fast I can play! Can you hear how fast I’m playing?” I’m gonna keep this summary short. Skip this album. Don’t listen to it, don’t buy it. This album brings nothing new to the genre of technical brutal death metal, it brings nothing outstanding to the bands’ already boring catalog, and further cements the fact that this band is bland, uninteresting, and worth skipping over. Not to worry, this album doesn’t drop until March. You have some time to forget about it. 2-7228339

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By Anonymous ~ Me Gusta Reviews