Improvidence – Improvidence EP (2012)

improvidence-1007967 Improvidence is a five-piece metalcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With influences stemming from bands like Adaliah, Sworn In, and Volumes, it should be clear that this band strives to bring something heavy and melodic to the table, not something entirely new. With that being said, their sound is relatively fresh, and coming from a band that has been together for a very short time, I think they have done a great job with their self-titled EP. The EP opens with an instrumental track which is also the title track, “Improvidence”. It has a nice blend of melody and chugging and is a nice table-setter. The next track, “False Sense Of Security”, is definitely the strongest track on the EP. The guitar is very melodic and sounds great, and there is a chorus that features surprisingly well-fitting cleans. The best part of the song is the last minute or so when the melody culminates. The remaining three songs, “Iconoclast”, “Cataclysm”, and “Catacombs”, are a little bit heavier than “False Sense Of Security”, but there is some melody thrown in on each track too. Without the occasional melody on these tracks, the EP would probably sound a little bit stale, so I’m thankful for the aforementioned melodic moments. In conclusion, Improvidence has put out a solid debut EP, however, it lacks a certain punch for the most part. Most of the EP is heavy, but it’s not really captivating enough to make me want to constantly bang my head while I listen to it. One final note, I think what they did with “False Sense Of Security” was fantastic and I’d like to hear them write more songs like that in the future. 3-2908457
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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews