Gallery: Our Last Night (09/03/14)

Our Last Night has always been a band on the move. In the ten-year career thus far, Our Last Night has made a steady climb to the success the band has reached now. Recently, the guys are quite literally on the move, as the whole band is moving from its hometown in New Hampshire to sunny California. Along the way, they booked a couple small shows, including one at Planet Trog in Whitehall, PA. I decided to attend this show last minute, and I do not regret the decision. The venue is essentially an extremely small warehouse attached to a giant laser tag complex. With only a small metal gate acting as a barrier and very little security to be seen, this proved to be an extremely fun and intimate show. Our Last Night played a long headlining set after a slew of local bands, but still managed to wrap things up before 9 P.M., so they could get over to the Sands Casino where they played an acoustic after show, which I did not attend. Check out some photos from the set below.  

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