Gallery: Let It Enfold You 10-Year Anniversary (09/20/14)

senses2bfail-7691844 Senses Fail played a sold-out hometown show this past Saturday in Sayreville, NJ, and it was the largest date on the tour to that point. Suburban Scum, a hardcore band from New Jersey, hopped on the tour package for just this date and was probably the heaviest band of the night. To the Wind was next, bringing an aggressive sound that reminded me of melodic hardcore bands like Hundredth. To the Wind definitely had the most energy on stage out of all the support and left the crowd and myself intrigued and wanting more. The scorching hot Knuckle Puck was next and had the largest response out of the openers. Knuckle Puck announced that this was the biggest show and venue the band had ever played to this point – a milestone that is sure to be broken sooner rather than later. No Bragging Rights, who has been a band since the late ’90s, provided direct support to Senses Fail. After listening to this band for the past five years or so, I was impressed by the live performance and moved by the words that were said between songs.

Senses Fail closed out the night by playing its famed Let It Enfold You in full. The crowd response was huge and it was nothing short of impressive seeing a sold-out crowd get that into an album that is 10 years old. It goes to show how consistent Senses Fail has been in the scene and proved that the band won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Senses Fail played an additional 10 or so songs before closing with “One Eight Seven,” a song that was thought to have been retired. Check out some photos from the show below.


Links: Suburban Scum – To the Wind – Knuckle Puck – No Bragging Rights – Senses Fail – Dieter Unrath Photography

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