Firestarter – New Beginnings EP (2013)

I’m always a bit skeptical whenever a band has their first release within mere months of just forming. That is exactly what the pop punk band Firestarter from Albany, NY has done with New Beginnings. However, Firestarter has shown me that it is possible to get a release out in a short amount of time of being together and have it not feel rushed.

The first song, “New Beginnings”, starts us out with a guitar riff and vocals that can be compared to I Call Fives at times. This brief intro transitions into the second track, “49 Stow”. “49 Stow” features energized vocals, catchy riffs, and upbeat drumming that remain consistent throughout the rest of the songs. It has everything that you would expect coming from this form of the “posi pop punk” genre. The third song, “Myrtle Ave.”, takes on a different style of vocals at the beginning of the track. While the instruments still remind me of I Call Fives, the vocals here are more gruff until the chorus kicks in; then they return back to their original sound from the second track. This combination of the two vocal styles added more variety and could have been used more through New Beginnings.

The fourth track, “Worth My Time”, is faster paced than the songs before it. With a chorus that is easy to sing along to, this is a perfect summer jam. The final track, “Three Years”, is my personal favorite on New Beginnings. It comes in with a soft and quiet vocal intro and leaves us with aggressive shouting. The instrumental and vocal build up to the EP’s conclusion is a nice touch and well done. “Three years of my life wasted all for nothing” is what is being played in my head for hours after the EP comes to an abrupt and premature end.

Firestarter isn’t bringing anything new or trying to invent something with New Beginnings, but just putting out a decent, solid EP that everyone can enjoy. If you are a fan of this genre, then surely you will find some positive merits with this and reasons to keep this band on your radar. New Beginnings isn’t anything spectacular, but shows a lot of future potential that this band has. This EP has me eagerly anticipating what this band can bring us in the coming year.


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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews