Feature: Carry Your Ghost

Carry Your Ghost is a six piece metalcore/hardcore band from Houston, Texas. In 2011, they released their EP entitled Decisions which showcased their potential very well. Decisions was very reminiscent of old For The Fallen Dreams as it was heavy and featured similar guitar melodies and leads. Below, you can hear one of the tracks off Decisions, “No Regrets”.

They recently recorded a new album, but they are currently searching for a label before it’s released to the masses. Luckily, I got a little sneak peek of two new tracks, “Low Places” and “Transcension”. From what I heard, the new tunes are an improvement on an already successful formula. On “Low Places”, there are some really powerful lyrics, and there is a really nice guitar lead near the end of the track which leads into an awesome breakdown. However, “Transcension” is my favourite track of the two. The entire song is very good and pretty melodic, but it is particularly strong in the second half. The song reaches an epic climax that repeats itself over several times, similar to the end of “Test The Limits” by The Ghost Inside, and you’re left in a state of awe. As previously mentioned, Carry Your Ghost is searching for a label now. If you spread the word, maybe you’ll be able to hear their new material sooner rather than later!

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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews