Fall City Fall – Dead Saints EP (2012)


If you’ve been sleeping on the band Fall City Fall then it’s time to wake up. Coming straight out of Calgary, Alberta in Canada, Fall City Fall has released their second work titled Dead Saints and I have to say that it’s a true banger.

Dead Saints starts off with a long but hilarious sound clip, presumably done by one of the band members themselves. Even after twenty listens I still get a few chuckles out of it. The sound clip builds up into the song “Fearamid” which will leave you feeling like you were at ground zero while Fall City Fall unleashed an atomic bomb. The fast and pissed vocals that vocalist screams into your face are sure to get you off your feet and swinging your fists. The lyrics are just as angry, as shown in the line “Well if the world was built in seven then we’ll destroy it in under a night”. Everything else is just as scathing and hateful as the vocals. The drumming pounds at your ears and the guitars are heavy enough to give you a migraine. Dead Saints is the perfect soundtrack to an “I hate the world” day.

One thing that Fall City Fall has mastered is the aggresiveness and past-faced sound to their music. Even in the slow piano-backed song “Funeralationship”, you can still feel the intense hatred that the vocalist feels for the unfortunate subject of the song. That particular song is just perfect and by far one of the best songs of 2012. There’s barely any bad things I can even say about this EP. Some parts of the songs seem pretty generic and don’t quite live up to the intensity in other songs.

Fall City Fall has done an excellent job on Dead Saints and they really know how to make the music that your mom wouldn’t approve of. Fall City Fall just needs to keep doing what they’re doing since they’re pretty damn good at it. fourandhalf-6637574
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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews