Endless Heights – Dream Strong EP (2011)

There seems to be an increase of outstanding bands coming out of Australia in the last few years. Maybe there is something in the water…One of those up-and-coming bands is Endless Heights – a five piece melodic hardcore band from Sydney. They released an EP titled Prologue in 2010 and now they have finally released some more new tunes for their fans. They showed some promise on their previous EP and now they have definitely proved that they are for real. They really matured as a band and they have dramatically improved their sound on Dream Strong as well.Right from the opening verse, you get a good understanding what this band is about. You can expect to hear emotional lyrics, hardcore-styled vocals, great guitar leads, and some solid drumming. There are three tracks that really stand out on Dream Strong. They are Echo, Dream Strong, and Free Spirit. Echo has some very good hardcore riffs, as well as some awesome melodic leads. The next stand out song is Dream Strong. The clean vocals on the title track are nearly perfect. They aren’t thrown in there just to have them, like many bands are doing lately. Finally, the third stand out track, Free Spirit. From the first time I heard this track, the guitar left me awestruck. Simply the fantastic verse in the middle alone is enough to make this my favourite on the EP.At times, Endless Heights is quite reminiscent of Defeater and Life In Your Way. If you are a fan of either of those bands, or melodic hardcore in general, be sure to check this one out. It is definitely one of the best EPs I have heard this year! 4-3342320
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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews