Abiotic – Symbiosis (2012)

“Human beings are disgusting creatures.” -The Singe

Abiotic, Miami’s finest shred from this side of the Mississippi, is making their debut on Metal Blade Records in October with their album Symbiosis. Any fan of the band will be glad to know that the original songs from their EP, A Universal Plague, have been re-recorded and re-mastered with extra flair.

Opening the album is the eerie instrumental track entitled “Metamorphilia.” The intro then segways into Abiotic’s most well-known track, “Vermosapien”, which has a redefined introduction packed with a now non-stop bass guitar attack. This is an attack that quickly shows how much this remake is going to make you aware your innards are liquefying. The great thing about Abiotic is their talent for variety in their music. The spacey guitar solos with effects make you feel like you are being abducted by hostile lifeforms. Piercing, technical licks come at light-speed. Cool, jazz interludes are flecked through the album as heard in “A Universal Plague” and “The Graze of Locusts” and provide stark contrast for the listener. For those of you who want to get to the nitty-gritty heaviness, the resurrected track “Facades of the Messiah” renamed simply “Facades” will take great care of you, wrapping you in the warm and cozy arms of blisteringly heavy breakdowns. Other heavy tracks include… well… the whole album, to be totally honest. “Hegira”, a brand new instrumental track at a recorded six and a half minutes long, is worthy of particular note. This phenomenal track shows off the band’s extraordinary versatility, ranging from classic black metal techniques to more modern progressive deathcore techniques that are reminiscent of Necrophagist.

It’s blatantly obvious how much work and talent went into Symbiosis. It’s the kind of album that reveals a hidden secret upon every listen. Every rotation is as surprising to hear as the last, and it just doesn’t get old. Symbiosis drops on October 22nd, so get those pre-orders in and make sure not to miss out on this refreshing sip of music. Abiotic is currently on the “Return to Chaos” tour with Float Face Down, The Burial, and Sea of Treachery. Make sure to get out there, support the bands, and bang your fucking heads.

Side note from David: The other day I was on my school campus walking about when one of the heaviest breakdowns on the album in “Facades” came on in my headphones. I most definitely thunder-stomped in the middle of a crowd and air-guitared without realizing it. When I looked up, everyone around me had stopped to watch me. All I could say was, “Abiotic, bitches” and boss walked off. True story, this is what Symbiosis does.

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Written in collaboration with Chano Islas

By David Currie ~ Me Gusta Reviews