Disfiguring the Goddess – Deprive (2013)

disfiguringthegoddess-8070349 As usual, I’m behind on my reviews, but this one couldn’t get tossed away without being noted for its sheer technical simplicity – as well as its notable atmosphere and creativity. Give it up for the one man king of metal, Cameron Argon A.K.A. Disfiguring the Goddess. As you may or may not have realized before, brutal death metal is basically a hit or miss genre; you either dig it or you don’t. There’s no slowly getting into it and there’s no going back once you’ve tasted it on your musical tongue. For me, brutal death has always just been an expression of the unfathomably heavy – regardless of creativity or style – but there has always been one act that, no matter how heavy the releases get, it always manages to incorporate some sort of personal elements and little touches into each track or the entire release.

Disfiguring the Goddess has three full length albums, two EPs and a couple demos under this monicker, and each one has been produced and recorded entirely by Argon himself; that’s an amazing feat on its own. Not only has he done all that, but he has also created some of the most memorable brutal death to date. As of recently, he decided to drop the bombshell on his fans that he was indeed releasing not just one new album, but two combined releases entitled Deprive and Black Earth Child. While this review is going to focus primarily on Deprive, there will be a write up of Black Earth Child, too.

Deprive starts off almost immediately like most brutal death releases do and has absolutely no lack of blast beats infused with everything you would expect from a release like this. The only difference is that it’s not only in-your-face brutal death, but it pauses and has its little quirky interludes, lead ups and outros that give the album just a little more depth than the majority of brutal releases I come across. Argon doesn’t try to make this out to be one of the heaviest things he’s ever created, but rather something in-your-face and with a lot more flavour and ingenuity than most bands put into their releases.

Deprive follows relatively the same path as the first few songs and eventually you hit an interlude aptly titled “Deprive.” You then move along a couple of tracks and reach the final one (“Old Man”), which, again, is nothing out of the ordinary from the rest of the unbelievably heavy and symphonic release. The only difference with this final track is that it’s one of those secret tracks that for the last two minutes has a bonus old Disfiguring the Goddess track that brings you back to the good old days of bad quality blast beats and brutal death that make you so proud to see where Argon has come from. While he may be more busy with Big Chocolate and other projects, he is truly an inspiration and a very admirable fellow to come back to unleash two masterpiece brutal death albums on his thirsty fan base.

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