Diamond Youth – Shake EP (2014)

Diamond Youth is an alternative rock band from Baltimore, MD., and it was originally a side project featuring a couple of members from one of my favourite modern hardcore bands, Trapped Under Ice. Diamond Youth has released three killer EPs prior to the newest one, which is titled Shake.

The EP kicks off with “Red Water,” which starts off with a really fast surf rock riff and bass line then suddenly shifts into an extremely hard-hitting, punchy riff. It threw me off at first and, for a second, I felt as if I was listening to a TUI song. The second track, “Can’t Shake the Feeling,” was the first song released for this EP. When I first heard it, I was immediately reeled in. It really reminds me of some earlier Queens of the Stone Age and it’s one of my favourite tracks on Shake. It’s super catchy and it will be stuck in your head all week.

The EP then slows down for one track. “Dont Feel Real” is a soft, airy track – one which really had me humming along and was also stuck in my head. For it slowing things down, the track really didn’t turn me off from the EP. “Warm Scene” picks things back up again while bringing me back to that super catchy QOTSA vibe, but it starts with a kicking drum beat and airy vocals. The chorus and instrumentals flow so perfectly in this track. “Maryland Ice Cream” is a super fuzzy and fast-paced punk song; the drums are killer and guitars are punchy as hell. The EP ends with “Follow Through,” which also brings me back to that QOTSA feel, and it’s a perfect closer.

Shake honestly exceeded my expectations. This whole thing is damn catchy and it’s extremely varied throughout. Definitely check this one out if you’re a fan of alternative or surf rock. You’ll be singing it for days and it’s hard to get out of your head.

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By Tommy Yeager ~ Me Gusta Reviews