Depremacy – Darkness Arise EP (2012)

Well, folks, 2012 is quickly coming to a close and I feel it best to close out this great year by featuring a great local band with great potential to go somewhere. Depremacy is a band from Joliet, Illinois and I have featured them on my personal heavy metal blog a number of times. Ever since I have come to know of them, I have been a huge supporter and fan! I have come to know and befriend a bunch of local Chicago metal bands, and what separates Depremacy from the pack is their style. Providing the local scene with a pummeling assault of blackened thrash metal, this band is worth every second invested. One should expect this group to appear on the national stage in the near future (and I sincerely hope they do).

Darkness Arise beings with the lightning speed known of blackened thrash metal. “World Domination” is a blistering, fast, powerful opening number. So powerful, in fact, that anyone within earshot will be sucked into the material, regardless of choice. The fast opening riff gives way to some great riffs of various tempos and styles, along with some superb vocal work. With a superb opening track, one can only hang on for the ride, and head bang ferociously!

If “World Domination” is the perfect track to open this EP, then “Left to Die” is an excellent way to finish it. Featuring more superb vocal work and some more great riffage, the band showcases their control of tempo and artistic embellishment. I find the drumming on this track to be particularly captivating with catchy ride cymbal patterns and superior changes in feel and style to add that extra punch to excellent string work!

I can continue to praise the work of this awesome local band, but my words simply don’t do this release justice. Depremacy has worked long and hard to craft their brand of blackened thrash metal, and that brand is sweet indeed! Not only can this band provide excellent music for your ears, but a good following to your venue and excellent internet traffic to your website and or web store. Depremacy remains on the hunt for a record label… let me repeat, they remain on the hunt for a record label! A word to all record label executives out there, this band will deliver! If this release doesn’t speak for the potential of this band, I really can’t say what does. To all my readers, I say this. Please give this band a chance, spread the word about them. Visit their Facebook page, tell your friends, go to their shows, support them further if they request it, and contact them about ways to obtain their EP, Darkness Arise. 2012 is over; let the Darkness Arise!


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By Anonymous ~ Me Gusta Reviews