Currents – Victimized EP (2013)


In my spare time, I always like to try to find new bands. I have several different ways of finding new music, whether it be through friends, YouTube, or Bandcamp. My latest find – a metalcore act from Fairfield County, CT that goes by the name of Currents – was via the latter. Their new EP entitled Victimized was just released today (Jan. 20) through a couple of online music retailers, which can be seen below the review.

After sound effects and a distant intro riff, Victimized gets off to a heavy start with the title track. “Victimized” has a lot to offer, whether it be the earth-shattering vocals, monstrous breakdowns, melodic riffs, or the mini-solo. With that being said, “Victimized” is just a little taste of what’s still to come. The second track, “Solace”, features clean vocals – which aren’t extraordinary, but they fit well enough to do the song some justice – and is much more melodic than the first track. Also, while the majority of the vocals were delivered in a lower register on “Victimized”, the vocalist utilizes his excellent highs more frequently on “Solace”.

Following “Solace” is “Hanging By A Thread”, which is definitely the go-to song for slow and djenty chugs. “Hanging By A Thread” is just a straight-up headbanging track that doesn’t offer much aside from its heaviness. It’s a solid track, but the weakest on Victimized. Next up is “My Promise Kept”. “My Promise Kept” is one of the more melodic and upbeat songs on Victimized, but it still has its fair share of groovy riffage and heavy breakdowns. The most noteworthy part isn’t the melody, however, it’s the little bass solo near the end of the track. It sounds incredible, and it’s definitely one of my favourite parts on this 19-minute-long EP.

The fifth track on Victimized is the EP’s closer, which is titled “A Confession”. What starts off beautifully, quickly transitions into another barrage of slow chugs and hard-hitting drums. The melodic leads in “A Confession” have a very climactic feel to them, which helps to close out the EP so well.

What you get from Currents is fairly simple: heavy chugs, monstrous vocals, solid drumming, and the occasional ‘wow’ factor. As a whole, Victimized is a solid release, but tracks like “Solace” and “My Promise Kept” bring a lot to the table and give you a bit of an idea of what this four-piece is truly capable of.


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For Fans Of: Legend, In Hearts Wake, Northlane

By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews