Camisado – Faceless (2012)

Camisado, hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, is a five-piece post-hardcore/metalcore band that has been around since 2005. They have a few releases under their belt so far, but they are still an unsigned band. With the release of their new full-length album entitled Faceless right around the corner, Camisado has a very good chance of getting their name out there even more and possibly getting picked up by a label.

The first thing that I noticed when listening to Faceless is that Camisado is very similar to Motionless In White. The highs are almost identical to Chris Cerulli’s (Motionless In White) and the majority of the songs follow the pattern of heavier post-hardcore/metalcore verses with catchy clean vocal choruses. Camisado uses synth quite frequently, but not to an overbearing extent. It’s used just enough to add another dimension to the music.

The album starts off with a couple of the weakest tracks, but it picks up the pace a little bit around “In Your Veins”. The guitar riffs and leads heard throughout “In Your Veins” sound very good and the chorus is extremely catchy. The next few tracks are weaker and nothing stands out, but Faceless picks up the pace again on “When I Find It”. Similar to “In Your Veins”, “When I Find It” is one of the stronger songs instrumentally and it features another catchy chorus.

The remainder of the album is solid but there are a few unique tracks. “Stage IV” is one of the most unique tracks on this album and my personal favourite because it is much slower paced and has a bit of a melodic hardcore/screamo feel to it. The vocals sound very emotional on this track and instrumentally it is very ambient. The final track of the album, “Days Gone By”, is an acoustic song that puts off a pop punk vibe. The vocals and lyrics sound like they would fit a pop punk band perfectly and the chords and melodies do as well.

Aside from the tracks that I mentioned, Faceless is fairly samey. Most of the songs follow an extremely similar structure and that causes parts of the album to sound bland, especially because it’s a 47-minute listen. With that being said, it’s clear that Camisado has something good going on. They show flashes of brilliance throughout Faceless, but it really starts to show in the second half of the album. I’d really like to see them take another step further and vary it up even more in the future because the strongest and most unique tracks on the album were very strong indeed.


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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews