Caitlin Soard's Top 10 Albums of 2013

10. Citizen – Youth

It’s nice to see a band mature throughout the years. When I saw Citizen play with The Wonder Years in 2011, I never would have imagined them capable of putting out a record like Youth. I was pleasantly surprised.

9. Have Mercy – The Earth Pushed Back

Sometimes, a record hits you so hard that you have to just sit for a minute and digest after it ends. That’s what happened after my first listen through of The Earth Pushed Back. Have Mercy was actually the dark horse on this list; I didn’t hear the band’s record until a few weeks ago, but I’m glad I did.

8. Balance and Composure – The Things We Think We’re Missing

Fall 2013 was a great part of the year for record releases, and The Things We Think We’re Missing is a great example of that. Balance and Composure’s Separation has stayed in my library for a long time, but The Things We Think We’re Missing has taken over its spot this year.

7. Into It. Over It. – Intersections

Evan Weiss was a busy man in 2013; he worked on You Blew It!’s upcoming LP, toured as three different acts and released not only a few EPs, but also an entire full-length. Intersections is beautiful on its own – and perfect as a follow up to Proper.

6. State Lines – For the Boats

States Lines was another band that somehow had stayed off my radar until For the Boats came out. Unlike most of the other records on this list, I heard a single from For the Boats through a friend, made a mental note to listen to the record, and then completely forgot about it until it showed up on Spotify. Even after the long wait, I was not disappointed.

5. Beyoncé – Beyoncé

The queen of pop almost got left out of this list – mostly due to the fact that she released her self-titled album with no promotion, on a Friday night, in mid-December. I know enough about the marketing side of music to tell you that, for anyone but Bey, this would be insane. I’m not the first one to say this, but Beyoncé was probably the most punk artist of 2013.

4. Allison Weiss – Say What You Mean

Allison Weiss’ first No Sleep Records LP got put on my radar through the Twitter grapevine, and I’m glad it did. Say What You Mean‘s collection of heartbreaking indie rock songs is the perfect balm for a bad breakup or failed relationship.

3. The Front Bottoms – Talon of the Hawk

I was late to The Front Bottoms’ bandwagon; I hadn’t even heard of them until after Talon of the Hawk had been out for several months. Upon giving it a listen, I realized what I had been missing out on and I jumped at the chance to see the band live. After seeing them at Songs of the South in Greensboro, NC., I can easily say that they became one of my favourite artists of 2013.

2. On My Honor – I Never Deserve the Things I Need

I reviewed this record the week it came out and it has remained a contender in what I listen to most frequently. Even though it ended up in the second spot on the list, I ended up listening to I Never Deserve the Things I Need the most often – and with good reason; it’s thirty minutes of refreshing, honest songs that were the soundtrack to most of my summer drives.

1. The Wonder Years – The Greatest Generation

This was my most anticipated release of 2013 from the minute it was announced, and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. The Wonder Years’ fourth full-length record perfectly captured the angst of your twenties without becoming Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing pt. II.

Honourable Mention

Paramore­ – Paramore

Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience

Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll

Miley Cyrus – Bangerz

Pentimento – Inside the Sea EP