Bury Tomorrow – The Union Of Crowns (2012)


Bury Tomorrow, a metalcore band from the UK, is releasing something you don’t want to miss. Their new album The Union Of Crowns is set to release on July 13, 2012 through Nuclear Blast, and it is an epic 55 minutes. Everything about this album is incredible, and it is an awesome journey to listen through.

One thing this album does perfectly is blending the transitions from blistering screams to heartfelt clean vocals. “Message To A King,” easily one of the best songs on the album, does a perfect job of this. This song starts off immensely heavy, but transitions beautifully into an incredibly well sung chorus, which just happens to be sung overtop an ever-present breakdown. “Bitemarks” is another of these songs that switches seamlessly from brutal-as-can-be to melodically clean.

While there is no breakdown on the album quite as ferocious as the end breakdown in “Casting Shapes” on Bury Tomorrow’s first album Portraits, this new release is not short on parts that will make you get up and move. “An Honourable Reign” boasts an especially powerful breakdown, as does “Sceptres.” But just about every song on this album has at least one part that will want to make you toss over your table and punch out your walls.

The song writing and fluidity of the album is another amazing factor. With many releases of this length, bands often give the listener more than one filler track, which is more or less just a bad song with nothing interesting about it. The Union Of Crowns is instead interesting and different on every track and around every corner. No two songs sound the same, or more importantly, have exactly the same structure.

The Union Of Crowns is more than an excellent release by an excellent band. It is a masterpiece full of fantastic songs with every aspect of great metalcore. This album is my front-runner for album of the year, and it deserves every bit of praise that I am sure it will receive.

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By Jarrett Stein ~ Me Gusta Reviews