Basement – Colourmeinkindness (2012)

Seeing Basement go was definitely a bummer. Awaiting their second full length album, Colourmeinkindness, knowing it would be their last was depressing, yet rewarding. It’s a rare thing to get a whole album of entirely new music from a band that is calling it quits. Colourmeinkindness kind of seems like Basement’s thank you and goodbye to all their supporters.

The album stars with “Whole”, a song that was released as a live recording earlier this year. It’s almost frightening how much this version sounds like the previously released, live studio recording. Overall, the song is the only thing on the record that sounds like the band’s previous work. Although it has a taste of the old Basement, it hints at what’s in store for the rest of Colourmeinkindness. Next up are “Covet” and “Spoiled”, two songs that seem to pay respects to the ever-so popular 90’s emo sound. Although the emo vibe is heard throughout this album, there are plenty of other genre influences like indie and plain old alternative rock. Keep in mind, these are just mere influences and Basement definitely puts their own twist on all of these.

Track four is “Pine”, a much more relaxing song compared to Colourmeinkindness’ previous sounds. The riffs and vocal harmonies throughout this song are just extremely beautiful and calming. There’s even a nice little surprise guitar solo towards the end. Following “Pine” is the bass and drum driven “Bad Apple”, in which seems to just constantly build, and build until it’s at its most melodic form at the end.

Following “Bad Apple” is the very appropriately named “Breathe”. The song seems to be a breather, if you will, strategically placed in the middle of the album. The vocals in this song just become more and more powerful as the song goes on. It’s vocal performances like these, where you can feel the passion in every word, that make you appreciate music. “Control” shows off a completely new side of Basement. The vocals are almost creepy or eerie. Each sentence feels as if it’s fading into your ear. As the song picks up, you have to be a fool to not notice your heart start to race with the fast paced drums and guitar. “Black” definitely shows off the beautiful tones that Basement, and producer Sam Pura (Panda Studios) have come up with for the band’s final album. This song definitely brings you back to the more aggressive sound of the earlier songs “Whole”, and  “Spoiled”. 

“Comfort”, another appropriately named song because the calming riff that this track begins with gives your ears nothing less. As the rest of the band comes in, another beautiful guitar riff starts, the vocals shortly follow. It’s hard to believe that these same vocal cords were just yelling at you in the previous song. “Comfort” is for sure a calm before a massive storm. Colourmeinkindness closes with “Wish”, a track that opens with a HUGE riff that almost gives off a stadium rock vibe. Overall, this song seems to be what Basement has been working towards sound-wise as a band for the past year. Soothing vocals, aggressive vocals, epic riffs, pounding drums, crispy bass lines, this song has it all. The last 30 seconds of “Wish” will just leave you in absolute awe. This is a very, very impressive way to say goodbye. I’d be lying if I said this song didn’t bring a tear or two to my eyes.

Colourmeinkindness could not have been a more perfect farewell album. Every sound seems to be perfectly placed and every note is perfectly executed. Basement has created the perfect album for their sound and they are a band that will be greatly missed. Two things that I cannot get over after listening to Colourmeinkindess are “will we ever hear these songs played live?” and imagining what this band would have evolved into if they continued to release music after this record.


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By Zack Lloyd ~ Me Gusta Reviews