As I Lay Dying – Awakened (2012)

asilaydying-8380109 I feel honored to be reviewing a band that not only has been around for over a decade but has actually pioneered the metal and metalcore sounds in their lifetime. They’ve headlined numerous shows, played countless festivals including Warped Tour, Soundwave Festival, Sounds Of The Underground, and Taste Of Chaos. They’ve been with a major label since 2003 and have used their faith to speak to millions of fans across the world. Ladies and gentlemen; As I Lay Dying.

The five piece legendary metalcore band from San Diego, California is back with their sixth album entitled Awakened which is set to release on September 25th via Metal Blade Records. Almost every fan of the metal and metalcore scene knows about the incredibly catchy clean choruses, the harsh screams, and constant melodies brought forward by the boys in As I Lay Dying. Founded in 2000 by vocalist Tim Lambesis, As I Lay Dying have come an unbelievably far way in their journey of playing the music they love to make and spreading their Christian faith through the lyrics in their songs. They’re one of the few Christian bands that are around who don’t make it their mission to convert or shove their religion down your throat in terms of the lyrical content. As I Lay Dying have always been more about life’s struggles, mistakes, relationships and everything else through the viewpoint of a Christian.

In over ten years, the band has accumulated five studio albums, two compilation albums, eleven singles, and fifteen music videos under their belts. It’s one thing to even stay together after 12 years but to rack up stats like that is a major accomplishment. Their newest release Awakened is nothing but a complete metalcore masterpiece. The boys have never failed to create a blend of heavy yet original metalcore but also infuse some of the catchiest clean choruses imaginable in their songs. After just a couple spins of the album I already found myself singing roughly 80% of the songs on the album. It just blows my mind that after five albums they can still manage to create something so catchy and wonderful without recycling the same riffs and rhythms.

As I Lay Dying is one of those bands that no matter how far they’ve come, no matter how much influence is around them, and despite the ever-changing patterns in the music industry, they stay true to what they created twelve years ago and have yet to stray from their path in terms of sound, lyrical content, and personal drive.  I personally could listen to As I Lay Dying for the rest of my life if they continued on the path that they are on right now. They were the first metalcore band I ever got into back in grade nine; almost six years ago and quite frankly I’ve yet to get sick of them since the first day I listened to “Through Struggle”. With only two of the original founding members left in the five member lineup it’s even more shocking that their sound hasn’t changed at all. Tim and drummer Jordan Mancino should be praised for their drive, determination, and commitment to a band that has helped influence so many others and have pioneered the metalcore genre.

If you’re a new fan or an old one, there is no denying that As I Lay Dying is one of those bands that just can’t do any wrong. Awakened has everything we’ve come to love in the band and didn’t disappoint me in the slightest. It has a very An Ocean Between Us and Shadows Are Security vibe when listened to multiple times. Both of those being my favorite releases from the band, it makes me even more ecstatic that they integrate an albums sound that is seven years old into their new material. If you’re on the fence about whether to pick up the new album, let me make the decision for you; do it. It’s nothing short of amazing and I am more than confident that it will exceed anyone’s expectations.


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By Unknown ~ Me Gusta Reviews