Arsonists Get All The Girls – Motherland (2011)

arsonists2bget2ball2bthe2bgirls-4630497Arsonists Get All the Girls have come quite a long way from their first release. For those of you just starting to listen to these guys, they started with some crazy straight up grindcore that I personally did not enjoy much. However, with their latest releases, they have changed their sound into a more subdued electronic/experimental grindcore that sounds much more mature.If you listened to Portals then you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect here. The guys have maintained the same basic sound from that album yet they also refined it and made it better. The vocals mesh with the music and nothing feels out of place despite the frequent changes from heavy, distorted guitars to clean playing. There’s even a whole track here that is nothing but piano and drums.The overall music in this album is pretty superb. Everyone in this band has talent. The guitars have some pretty intense breakdowns that will shift to slower, quieter verses and it’s honestly not easy to change styles like that mid-song. The drummer also deals with the same kind of changes throughout, but he also finds a way to spice up the aforementioned piano track as he throws in some double bass and unique rhythms. I also found myself quite entertained with the majority of the synth that was added behind most of the songs.If you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed this album and think that any fans of grindcore or heavy music at all should give this a listen. It won’t disappoint. 4-9155873
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By Cody Hath ~ Me Gusta Reviews