Apparitions – Pre[CURSE]r EP (2012)

apparitions-6558435 I love the underground music scene. I honestly do with every fiber of my being simply because every band that I’ve ever encountered that was underground have been the most humble, caring, passionate and just straight up down to earth people ever. This next band is no exception to those qualities and on top of them they blew my mind off with their strong as King Kong new release. Listen up guys and gals, take a bite out of Apparitions!

The five piece unsigned technical deathcore act from Phoenix, Arizona are no stranger to the community of heavier music considering Apparitions is made up of ex-members from Knights Of The Abyss and Giants Among Us. But this isn’t about former bands and what happened in the past. This is about five men and their mission to give fans of heavy music constant whiplash from all the head banging to these most radical of tunes. Only forming back in February of 2011 the band has just recently released their second EP — In such a short amount of time we can most certainly come to the conclusion that these guys aren’t here to mess around and waste time. Their first release entitled The Human Collapse grabbed listeners’ attention and showed a heavy sound so groovy and bouncy that not even the men in Bermuda could handle it.

Their most recent release, Pre[CURSE]r, consists of five tracks and twenty whole minutes of technical shredding and bouncy grooves. The whole time I was listening to this EP I couldn’t stop thinking of how much it sounded like the offspring of a baby that was conceived by Oceano and Bermuda with maybe a little mix of Within The Ruins in there as well. The bounciness of each and every song was right on par with Bermuda while at times the vocals sounded just like Adam Warren; I could’ve sworn he was doing guest vocals at times. Technically speaking, this album definitely gave me a feeling to listen to Within The Ruins because of how fast paced the guitar riffs and drumming got at times. It wasn’t like over the top but it was done extremely well just like Within The Ruins which makes me extremely happy. The mix and influences throughout this EP are that of some of the top bands in the heavy scene today and that’s definitely working in Apparitions’ favor.

One of the standout songs on this album definitely would have to be “Malice” simply for the fact that three quarters of the way through this song, we’re hit with some of the most extreme drumming I’ve heard in a while. I nearly lost my mind when I was first hit with it — It’s outstanding! I also love how the EP wasn’t full of shorter songs and it didn’t seem rushed at all. I just don’t understand how a band can manage to push out an album and an EP in roughly two years when some bands barely get an album itself out in two years. I truly admire Apparitions’ dedication and willingness to keep their fans appeased with new and heavy tunes. Overall I really don’t have any complaints about the EP aside from the fact that it’s not longer and that I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that having more tunes from these boys is always a great thing. If they keep their influences, get out there on tour and continue to be humble to their fans I’m expecting these guys to be huge within the next year at the very least; mark my words. fourandhalf-7687827

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