Apart – Gray Light (2012)

Apart is a five-piece screamo/melodic hardcore band that formed in 2010 in South Carolina. Their debut full-length album, Gray Light, was released on June 5th via Mayfly Records. Like most albums in this genre, Gray Light is rather short at only 22 minutes long.

For the most part, the material heard on Gray Light is pretty standard for this genre, but there are times where the music peaks and surprises you with something unique or extraordinary. A few particular instances can be heard on the tracks titled “Play On, Soft Pipes”, “Candles And Calendars”, and “Dead Air”. In my opinion, these are the strongest tracks on the album.

The only beef that I truly have with this album is that the vocals are a little distant at times. On the other hand, the drums, guitars, and bass are very upfront and easy to pick up. I just wish that the vocals were a little bit more noticable.

If you’re a fan of bands like Xerxes, Troubled Coast, and Touchè Amorè, you are more than likely going to enjoy Gray Light very much. However, if the aforementioned screamo/melodic hardcore bands fail to do anything special for your ears, you may be left feeling a little empty and missing something by the end of this album.

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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews