A Riot In Moscow – Homeland Invasion EP (2012)

A Riot In Moscow is a progressive deathcore/death metal band that hails from Port St.Lucie, Florida. Their debut EP entitled Homeland Invasion was released on September 11th.

The vocals on Homeland Invasion are extremely variant and definitely the best part of the EP. The vocalist has one of the widest ranges out there and everything from the highs to the mids to the lows sounds incredible. This can be heard especially well on the first track, “Drop The Hammer”.

Instrumentally, the EP has its flaws, but it is still very strong overall. Homeland Invasion is ‘djenty’, there are plenty heavy breakdowns, and there are a few good guitar leads, however, not quite enough. I think if A Riot In Moscow wrote more songs like “Anonymous”, they would have an even better chance of leaving a lasting impression on listeners. There is almost always some kind of melody going on and the guitar riff near the end of the track helps “Anonymous” build up to an epic climax. The title track is an onslaught of fast riffing and intense drumming, but there isn’t a whole lot of melody until the midway point in the song. On “Homeland Invasion”, I noticed that the drummer is extremely talented. He shows off a few times on this track as well as the next. The final track, “To Punish And Enslave”, is another very fast song which faces the same issue as “Homeland Invasion”. Not a lot of melody, but the EP comes to a close with an immaculate breakdown. I can picture the vocalist saying “open this pit” at a show before the aforementioned breakdown.

A Riot In Moscow has crafted a very solid EP here and I recommend giving Homeland Invasion a listen. The band has a very tight sound, but the vocals absolutely steal the show. Everything else is solid and has its moments while the vocals are jaw-dropping from start to finish.


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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews