Worthwhile – Carry On Kid (2012)

worthwhile-8297039Worthwhile is a five piece pop punk/melodic hardcore band from Bay Area, California. Their previous releases, Miracle Me (2009) and Not Fixed But Found EP (2010), were much more pop punk inspired than their newest album. Carry On Kid is very highly influenced by melodic hardcore. At times, Carry On Kid could easily be mistaken as something that Defeater wrote.While listening to Carry On Kid, you can expect to hear emotionally charged vocals and lyrics, melodic riffs and leads, and slightly above average drumming. The production on this album is really good too. It’s not exactly as crisp as some people would like, but it brings forth a really raw and “true” sound.There are a few songs that stand out more than others. Those would be the tracks titled “Live For What Lasts”, “At Seapoint”, “How Do I Look Up To A Man In The Ground?”, and “Unlovable”. Live For What Lasts starts off pretty good, but it quickly became a personal favourite near the middle of the song because of the amazing interlude. Every time I hear it, it gives me chills.At Seapoint starts off with a great intro, has some really good riffs, and utilizes some incredible leads during the last verse of the song. At Seapoint ends with a drumming at a steady pace which leads into the next track, “How Do I Look Up To A Man In The Ground?”. This is a two and a half minute long interlude, but by no means is it inconsequential. It flows well with the rest of the album and sounds great. My personal favourite is the tenth track, “Unlovable”. Unlovable is, undoubtedly, one of the strongest tracks on Carry On Kid. This is a re-recorded song that was on their previous EP, but the vocals are particularly powerful on this version. It’s a very upbeat song, the riffs and leads are great, and the drumming is outstanding. Unlovable also features a very good breakdown, which is kind of unexpected, but pulled off very well.The early months of 2012 have already supplied me with several solid pop punk and melodic hardcore releases, but Worthwhile’s “Carry On Kid” may be one of my favourites by the end of the year. fourandhalf-7066847
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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews